burn my lungs and curse my eyes

im ciarán im 18 & asexual
please dont reblog anything on this blog

feel like a loser because im staying for summer school and an extra semester after this one like I need it but I feel like such a goddamn loser

ive got a lot of freckles & I really hate them

I keep just not taking my adderall and that’s. Not good

today i was shaking and puking and vomiting and i couldnt talk I just made noises and whenever I walked I was wobbling i didn’t need a therapist I needed an exorcist

i don’t even feel like a person anymore

Nsfw and triggering stuff under cut

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some of my followers are really sweet

then some are just fucking stupid and obnoxious

had a flashback during class and ended up biting most of my finger until they bled then puked up my pills now im home

im starting a legion of all the asexual people i know we will become unstoppable

im tired of being accused of being a teeaboo bc i use “british” slang when the slang i use is irish because surprise surprise my family is irish i grew up around a lot of irish people dont play this fucking game with me